Account Executive Job Description

An account executive in an IT organisation has the authority to executed large contracts. His functions include senior management level executions of jobs especially management of the profit and loss along with customer arrangement on a senior level.  An account executive consists of a number of staff under his control for carrying out various jobs.  As per the hierarchy the account executive has more than one account managers.  They have direct and indirect control over the project manages who actually perform the jobs.  The account executive and his staff involves in new contract negotiations with new customers or for the old ones especially when there is large number of contracts. Apart from profit and Loss control in advertising field the Account Executive plays a vital role by being a link between the agency and the client.  He is responsible for client servicing. The Account Executive provides excellent client service and focuses on 100% client satisfaction and there by achieving client account acquisition.  The account executive is responsible for operational level of works includes media placement distribution, contract negotiations etc.  He will be assisted by his subordinate staff for various tasks.  His work pattern varies according to the country where he works.  For instance, in Spain an account executive can conduct campaigns on his own.  The ultimate aim of an account executive, the irrespective of the country is to bringing in more clients, increase customer relations with a view to increase the revenue of the agency he works.