Adani Enterprises Ltd – Company Profile

Adani group is a Public limited company. It is a conglomerate companionship in India, headquartered at Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Conglomerate means a merging of more than two corporations which is busy in performing dissimilar businesses. Adani group mainly concentrate on trading, manufacturing of edible oil, Port operations, and allocation of natural gas. More than fifty ancillary units work under the control of Adani group.


The Adani group was established in the year 1988 by Gautam Adani, who is a leading businessperson in India. Adani group bagged the KPMG Infrastructure Today Award 2010, for the effective generation of 1000 MW power.

Key People

Mr. Gautam S. Adani is the Company’s Executive Chairman. Adani group was able to attain success under his leadership.  He started dreaming about starting a small scale industry when he was working in a company named Mahindra Brothers. Mr. Rajesh S. Adani is the managing director of the Adani power. He holds the position of the Managing Director since 01-April-2008. He pedals the company’s functions and is responsible for the development of the company. Mr. Vijay Ranjan is the director of the Adani Power. He worked for Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation before joining the venture of Adani group. Mr. B.B. Tandom, is another director of the Adani Power. He had shown his excellence by working for the Government of India, State Government of Himachal Pradesh and State Electricity Board of Himachal Pradesh before joining the Adani group.


The company has shown its excellence in various fields across the globe. They are planning to generate 20,000 MW of power by 2020. The energy requirement of India encouraged the company to build India’s largest thermal power plant in Mundra. In Gujarat, the company is concentrating on solar power generation rather than thermal power generation. Adani group is interested in promoting the use of green power, which will help in quick socio-economic growth. The green power project aimed at reducing the emission of CO2 and thus creating an ecological environment. They are planning to become the leader of the power generating industries in India. The company has spent around Rs 12000 crores in order to purchase a coal mine in Australia.  The main factors which have helped the company to achieve their goals are 1) Trust 2) Courage 3) Innovation. These factors helped the company to achieve another milestone, Adani, QR rail project. Proper investment of money and correct utilization of market opportunity helped them to attain their current status.

Companies under the control of Adani group include

  1. Adani Agri Logistics
  2. Adani Power
  3. Adani Gas Limited
  4. Adani Wilmar
  5. Adani Mining
  6. Adani Enterprise
  7. Adani Retail.


Skilled and passionate employees are there in the Adani Power Limited who heads young and lively team. Adani group has made it clear that public has been receiving fake mails asking for deposits in order to get a job in Adani Power Limited. Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Science (GAIMS) and Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (AIIM) are the two educational institutions owned by Adani Group.