Administrative Assistant Job Description

An administrative assistant has wide range of functions to be performed.  The basic duty is to provide administrative aid for various jobs.  There are so many titles given for an administrative assistant depending on his nature of work.  For instance administrative assistant basically provide support for specific areas such as Human Resource Department, Accounting, Sales and marketing wing in a company.  A company of small configuration and administrative assistant extends support to everyone in the office.

An executive assistance is another category of administrative assistant’s extents their services only to an individual who holds a higher position in a company.  A receptionist is concerned with the reception of the visitors to the office and also to attend the calls and messages which comes to the company. Project assistant offers specific support to the project they have undertaken.

Personal assistant gives assistance and support for exact individuals in an office.  Clerks often takes up one or two specific tasks of minor gravity.  An account assistant extends assistance to financial matters.  On the entertainment industry production assistant provides support for people in film and television.

Duties of an administrative assistant has versatile general office support includes administrative management, listing of inventory and storage, check level of stocks and submitting all invoice.  In addition he has to coordinate administrative and operational problems, schedules meetings, and other activities.  He should do research, business correspondence including computer software presentation sending faxes.  He should perform quality file management.