Ador Powertron Limited – Company Profile

Ador Powertron is an electronics company in India. The headquarters of the company is located at Pune. They mainly concentrate on the manufacturing of engineering products. Thermal power, iron and steel, cement, battery manufacturing, chemical and fertilizer, atomic energy, railway, telecom, and automobile industries are some of the sectors which receive services from Ador Powertron.


The group was started in 1977. Initially it was under the control of Electronics and Power Control division (IEPC) of Advani Oerlikon ltd and today renamed as Ador welding. Later, in 1995 the group became an independent organization. It was just a small trading corporation which later evolved to form Ador Group Limited. They were able to create a great advance in the field of Power Electronics for the last decade. The company has shown their quality in the welding sector and lead to the formation of Ador welding limited (AWL). Ador welding company helped in industrial development to a great extend. Many Companies of different sectors come under the control of Ador group and this includes Ador Powertron Ltd, Ador Technopak Ltd, Ador fontech Ltd, Ador Multiproducts Ltd and Advani-Oerlikon Ltd.

Key People

Ms. A.B. Advani is the Executive Chairman of the Ador Welding Limited.

Mrs. N. Malkani Nagpal, Non-Executive director of Ador welding Limited. She finished her MBA graduation with specialization in Finance. She is a member of the team since 1997.


Ador Powertron group is a public limited company. Ador Powertron limited started their business in a region, with an area of 22000 square metres.  The test facilities available in their inventory, helps in distinguishing it from other companies. The company own equipments of worth Rs 300 lakhs. Digital storage oscilloscope, Digital capacitance meter, Micro-ohm meter, 6 channel transient recorders, Load manager, HV oil tester and Kilovoltmeter, are some of the equipments owned by the company. They follow certain values to attain success, this include Employee involvement, Customer Focus, Competitiveness in the international market, Leadership through Quality, and Responsibility to Society. The main goal of the group is to attain nationwide importance and global acknowledgment. The annual turnover of the company is around Rs.100 crores.   They have their branches at Baroda, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. The group has just strengthened its international operation with a combined project in Xiamen, China. Ador Green Energy private limited is the latest innovation of the Ador group, and they work for the maximum utilization of renewable energy without destroying the non-renewable sources.


Ador Group provides appropriate training for the newly joined members and molds them to perform their job in a correct way. Ador welding academy is an organization which comes under the control of Ador Welding Limited, provides proper welding training for the trainees. They also offer post graduation courses in Welding for students. Experienced persons will always be there to monitor the performance of other members of the group. So it is sure that the Ador Group provides good chance for employees to make a change in the field they concentrate on.