Air Craft Pilot Job Description

The International civil aviation authority put forth the standard conditions for attaining pilot licenses, but the implementation varies from country to country.  In U.S a private pilot licence enable a pilot to be the possessor of an aircraft in private. As per ICA O in U.K., Spain one who has successfully completed at least forty hours of flight time, seven written exams, completing solo cross country flight, demonstrating flying skills and check ride during a flight test before the examiner can obtain a pilot licence. In U.S, as per title 14 of the Federal Code Part 141, a pilot can acquire licence by finishing thirty five hours of flight time.

The age limits stipulated for private pilots are 16 for balloon and Gliders, 17 for Powered flights.  Job opportunities of pilot are vast. Experienced Pilot has job opportunities in major Airlines and has only low charge carriers. Mercantile Pilots usually flew small Air Crafts for Air Taxi Company.  Pilots required for Air Cargo Carriers are also increased as there is a demand for safety needs, electronic business and inflated global freight.  A neck to neck competition should be faced by the pilot in major Airlines.  They have to compete with the laid of Pilots for any available jobs.  Military Pilots who has highest hour of flying has an upper hand on other Pilots.  An extra opening will occur only when there is a compulsory departure of commercial Airline pilots at the age of sixty five.  Employments of Pilots are subject to the fluctuations in the economy.  They have to face and overcome the challenges by giving out their best. The payment mode to the pilot varies from ranks, seniority and the range and nature of plane flown and depends on whether they employ as airline pilots. A Pilot who flies jet aircraft has higher payment than who fly Turbo Props.  Airline Pilots have retirement benefits, health and life insurance plans.  They are permitted for expenditure allowance, as additional benefits, pilots and family has free or cheap fare transportation on other airlines and also same is allowed on their own airlines.