Aircraft Mechanic/Aircraft Maintenance Technician Job Description

The Air Frame and Power plan mechanic requires AME Certification.  The criteria for applying for both rating should have thirty months of relevant experience.  Appliance for single rating should have eighteen months of experience.  In addition individual mechanic certificate, the applicants who had completed three years of work in their field should undergo an inspection authorisation as an additional rating.  Then they are permitted to do services on chief maintenance and modification on the essential block of the FAA form 337. Certification, as well as renewal requests with assessment endorsement is contained in 14 CFR Part 65. A assessment approval can be procured after having licence for at least 3 years and he should also actively implement the right of an A &P for the two years prior to the date that the IA examination to be taken.  After obtaining assessment endorsement the IA rating should be renewed each two years.  The renewal has to be done by submitting to the FAA, the summary of activities comprises major requires, major alterations, or a minimum of eight hours of FAA approved training.  This should be attain every twelve months even though the renewal period is every twenty four months.  An Air Craft Mechanic has various duties including production assembly procedures of either electrical or manual.  The assigned work in manufacturing departments includes manufacturing specifications and instructions.  He should inspect proper installation and integrity.  He should accept the meeting requirements and reject the unnecessary requirements of assemblies.  He should keep work areas clean and orderly and refer to any unusual problems to supervision.