Analytical Chemist Job Description

Chemistry is a science consisting the nature and study of chemical components.  A scientist or a researcher in the field of chemistry he is a trained analytical chemist.  Analytical chemist as the name denotes carefully analysis the chemical properties of components, their measurements, proportions and reaction rates.  The primary aim of the chemist is to study various chemical compositions, structures, properties of unfamiliar substances and by finding new process to reproduce new substances which is useful for mankind. There are specialised filed for chemist.  Industrial chemist works on the progress of fresh process and workout process which is necessary to carryout industrial reactions.  Material scientist and metallurgist have the quality of a chemist.  The chemist should have a thorough knowledge about science.  There are different areas of specialisation for a chemist like biochemistry, nuclear, organic etc.  A bachelor’s degree is required for the job of a chemist and in the field of research requires PHD.  There are specialised areas in chemistry includes analytical chemistry relates to regulate investigational process in chemistry.  Through these experimental processes they can identify a substantial and behavioural property of a component in various conditions.  Analytical chemist cans work-in forensic testing, process development, quality manage, toxicology, drug formulation and improvement.  He would analyse samples by means of analytical method like liquid chromatography, electro chromatography and analysis of data.  His works includes validating means and equipments, communicating with customers, recording of facts, budding innovative techniques for the scrutiny of drug produce and chemicals.  In pharmaceutical Industry drug development process is involved through which the quality and the stability of the drug are determined.