Anesthesia Technician Job Description

An anaesthetic technician is required in hospital especially in operation theatre ICU. They are also become a vital part in surgery health centre.  An anaesthetic is a health care worker who has a deep knowledge about anaesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies and technology. Before giving anaesthesia to a patient the anaesthetic technicians should undertake different preparation levels.  At first stage he should assess the anaesthetic machine, arrange intravenous drugs and intravenous analysis management apparatus.  Preparing devices for smooth passage of patients airway, establish peripheral intravenous access have healthy communications with patients checking their health condition and medical history.  At the second stage during anaesthesia maintain adequate anaesthesia, ensure the position of patient and they do not have any discomfort or injury, monitoring and recording temperature, vital signs and anaesthesia death, collection of blood samples and acquiring transfusion fluids and equipments. At the third stage he should remove the airway devices and waking patients, shifting patients to post anaesthesia care unit and passing on patient information to the concerned staff in PACU.