Career Focus: A Personal Job Search Guide – Book Review

This is a very simple book for a new job seeker as well as a professional who is looking for a change in his profession and in search of better job opportunities. This book will help in finding a job with more earning and better job satisfaction. This book will guide the job seeker in self assessment and identifying the areas of improvement necessary for attending interview and grabbing a challenging job opportunity. This book will definitely help in building confidence in attending interview and techniques to market you in a smarter way in the job market. This book has addressed the various commonly made mistakes by the candidates in their appearance, behavior and last minute mess made by the candidates during job interviews. This book will help step by step in each and every step of a student in finding a job. This will help in preparing a portfolio and resume to attending an interview and finally after getting a job this book will show the path, how to cope up in a new employment atmosphere. It seems this book was written keeping in view the requirement and knowledge level of a new entrant in the job market.

Most of the people fail in interview it’s not because they lack caliber or potential. Most of them are unable to market themselves in a proper way to convince the interviewer that they are the best match for that particular job in a given time. The first chapter focuses mainly on these issues and helps the job seeker in doing the self assessment and presenting oneself in the most efficient way. The succeeding three chapters need very careful reading as it extensively deals with interview process. This will be helpful for an employed person also as it will be helpful in updating and preparing themselves for interviews according to the changing trends in the employment market. This book has an elaborate discussion on how to prepare the portfolio or resume for different employment. The author has given tips and tricks to the reader to think about the job requirement from the perspective of the employer and go ahead with the step by step preparation.  This book will be very beneficial for the student’s in finding their first job.  The author has kept the content very much updated with the technologies used in the job market from the various new means of applying for job from various forms of resumes like hard copy, scanned copy of resumes to types of interviews like telephonic interviews, group interviews sometimes followed by aptitude test and other system generated tests. This book will surely boost the job seeker’s confidence and will be in a better position to negotiate with the employer for salary and benefits also. The book has also focused on the significance given by the employer’s for emotional quotient of the employee along with his IQ level. Even if somebody is looking for a change after a long time and absolutely new to the current dynamic job market, this book will cater most of his needs.