Construction Supervisor Job Description

Construction supervisor is a blend of technical and non technical profile.  It requires deep technical knowledge of the construction industry and labour management skills. This position is mainly for implementation of policies framed by the management or the boss and also implementation of safety policies and procedures. This job profile requires good communication skills and good grasping power. The key role of a construction supervisor is to handle and manage man power in a safe and efficient manner, the trend globally was that an experienced construction worker would work his way up to become a supervisor say for example an experienced wood worker would become a Construction supervisor and supervise the wood workers on a job site. But now a day due to the growing demand of manpower at job sites skilled people are also directly hired to be construction supervisors. Supervisors also have to plan and schedule work and keep track of the raw materials used and the progress made on the job. Supervisors also acts as a major key link in the chain between the company and the construction workers when the workers have any grievances or complaints regarding their work, the construction supervisor meets with the union representatives or management representatives to work out solutions, which means that a construction supervisor must have a reasonably handy knowledge of the labour laws and procedures. At times supervisors also work along with the construction workers and they are referred to as working supervisors. At times supervisors are also in charge of training the new workers. Supervisors must also be able to read and understand blue prints and construction plans as they may be required to advise the qualified workers on the best way to handle certain jobs.

In most of the countries the minimum required qualification for the job is a high school certificate with reasonable experience in the construction field, but now many colleges offer certificate courses and diplomas in the same field and some companies directly recruit and train their supervisors. Depending on the project and the country the work is carried out the salary of a construction supervisor varies. End of the day it’s a very pleasing and rewarding line of work for any individual who enjoys managing people and working with a group and trying to meet deadlines.