Dental hygienist Job Description

A dental hygienist also known as an Oral hygienist is a trained dental professional with expertise in preventive oral welfare, typically focusing in oral hygiene. Usually they work with a dentist and a major part of their job includes cleaning known as prophylaxis, plaque removal and dental whitening, taking prescribed radiographs, examining patients for oral diseases such as gingivitis, administration of dental sealants, perform cavity prevention treatments, stain removal, temporary fillings and management of certain types of anaesthetics . Another key important role of dental hygienists is to educate people with the need for proper oral hygiene, and proper ways to maintain a healthy and clean mouth. In order to become a dental hygienist you would need to acquire an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. This can be done after completion of secondary level school education in science stream with biology. Many dental institutions in the country offer an associate/bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

In most countries a dental hygienist requires a license to practise and so upon completion of the initial education you will be required to apply and obtain a license from the regulatory body concerned. This career is most appropriate for individuals who wish to be involved in a profession that requires direct involvement and care of patients and does allow a great deal of flexibility in their work schedule as an added bonus. A dental hygienist must possess certain abilities and qualities considering they work with different types of patients they must be able to handle them and comfort them and should have patience. They must be skilful and should have steady hands as a major part of their job involves cleaning tooth with electrical devices and water jets they must be able to properly achieve this apart from this good communication skills are also an added asset.