Economic Manager Job Description

The Economic Manager is engaged in works like evaluating and forming the economy, and producing agricultural products and tax revenues. They are also engaged in the labour market and in structuring the insurance rate and its utility. All these works cannot be carried out by the economic analysts without the direction of an economic manager. The economic manager must be skilful in dealing with managerial techniques, personnel and other policies, rules and examination of financial research. The staffs are selected and guaranteed with equal prospect in work. The work assignments are set up based priorities by organizing the activities. The subordinate employees are under the control and direction of the economic manager. After the completion of the assigned work and work techniques, the economic manager examines and make sure of the work done and finally makes an assessment of the work done by the employee. For the development of the staffs, required training is made available.  The working conditions are made healthier and it is confirmed that a good labour relation is maintained. A communication is made with regard to the reports maintained. Appropriate direction is given to prepare data on the economic conditions in Michigan. Econometric techniques are directed to be utilized to increase the fiscal prediction. Based on national and local economies the economic indicators are recognized. A detailed report of the researches performed is analyzed and assessed. Assigned work is performed.