Electrician Job Description

                                     A person who is skillful in works connected to the electrical cabling of edifice, stationary equipments and other allied machinery’s is called an electrician. The repair and maintenance of the electrical infrastructures on hand as well as the new- fangled electrical machinery for industrial units, houses buildings, etc is done by an electrician. The electrical works of portable platforms like airplanes, ships etc is done by electricians specialized in such works.  Other than a set of hand tools an electrician needs different types of expensive power gadgets and machinery’s. An electrician also contains general-purpose test equipments. The expensive tools are made available by the persons who are employing them. Electricians are engaged in construction as well as repairing works. Installing works are done by electricians who are good at fitting works of new electrical equipments while those who are good in repairing and improving the already on hand electrical machines and other related equipments are involved in repairs works. Mending works of electrical systems and the trouble in wiring etc is done by service electricians. Whereas concrete wiring in houses, industries, etc along with their maintenance and repair works is done by construction electricians. The safety and compatibility of the connections are tested with tools like testers, voltmeter, etc.  State and local building codes as well as the National Electrical Code must be obeyed by the electricians. Understanding of blueprints or the technical figures of circuits, panel boards, etc is very important. Only after the correct analysis of the blueprint, the circuit breakers, outlets, and related electrical systems can be connected with wires. Along with hand tools power tools are also used by the electricians for their work. The electricians make sure that they have made a safe and reliable installation. The electricians are supposed to make a monthly checking of the electrical systems before any wrong happened. Electricians are referred as Inside Wiremen in the United States. Industrial wiring, residential, commercial and light industrial are the four regions of constricting electrical works. Research electricians, hospital electricians, etc also exist.  In stagecraft the role of an electrician cannot neglected. Theatre electricians are entirely different from normal electricians as their qualification and skill is entirely different the normal electricians. Electrical permit for new building is to be applied by a licensed electrician in majority of places under Canadian jurisdiction. More than three years of experience is required for an electrician to be called as a qualified electrician in the United States. In Australia it is obligatory that an electrician must be recorded as an electrical contractor in order to execute all types of setting up of electrical works personally.  An electrician is given an A Class license on application to Energy Safe Victoria, in Victoria only if he has passed one theory and two practical in the apprenticeship of four years. The A class electrician must be in the job of a person holding REC status in order to gain profit. The government or professional societies issue licenses to electricians. The trade of an electrician is synchronized as it demands more security.