Evaluation of Various Job Opportunities

From the year 2000 it self different companies had a good percent of vacancies which could give employment to various graduates. But this number has increased to a great extent. Every year many old and new companies are coming up with more number of job opportunities for the graduates.  The job opportunities for the graduates are progressively increasing from year to year.  According to the studies of Collegiate Employment Research Institute (CERI) at MSU this increase has shown to be about fifty- five percent from the previous year. Studies also show that the students who have done their bachelor’s degree in physical science, biology and business are likely to be provided with job opportunities by the US corporations. Apart from this, the students who are qualified in subjects like health care, construction management, accounting and engineering for their degrees also have numerous job vacancies while the job opportunities for students who are qualified in other areas have greatly reduced.

There are about forty three percent vacancies for the standard post which is permanent. Based on the analysis conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank the augmentation in the level of taking the graduates in services corresponds to the intensification which is anticipated in the subsequent economy. From the observations it is very clear that the numbers of companies that are emerging are increasing day by day. In such companies the job opportunities are also many. Therefore they are always looking for young and dynamic graduates who can fill these positions available in their companies. As a result the companies are forced to approach different campuses for filtering the best candidates for their companies. It is always advised that one should look for the best job opportunities which are suitable for him after he has completed his graduation. Sitting idle and not doing much for finding a good job for themselves would not bring any kind of success in their life. The vacations are the most suitable time to find as to what are his objectives and what kind of a field he is interested in, etc. So that he can strive hard and prepare himself for getting a best job for him.

Most of the companies want to have the best candidates as their employees. Therefore it would be better if the candidates are able to prove themselves during their campus interviews that they can turn to be the best employees for them. Since there are more demands for the students who have done their graduation in the areas like  business management, accounting, health care, Engineering, and physical and biological sciences their scope of getting into better job opportunities also increases. But due to this the job opportunities of those students who have done their graduation in other fields are likely to be reduced. Most of the companies are looking forward to provide work for those who have done their graduation in business administration in the same number as they had done in their previous years. There also exist many companies who have found that their work could easily be handled by graduates other than MBAs. From this it is very obvious that the job opportunities provided by such companies can be filled up by students in other fields too.

If high quality training is offered to such students they can also prove that they are never inferior to MBA graduates. Therefore some of the companies even prefer to take in the graduates from other fields too. Since the demands are more for the above said graduates it is observed that in such circumstances the job opportunities for the computer science graduates have reduced to large extent. The possibilities of graduate students who have undertaken some kind of training is more than other students as such training offer them with some sort of work experience which could indeed be helpful to the company. Other than the state and the local government agencies the Federal agencies too are hiring graduates for various employments.