Fitness Manager Job Description

The persons who are usually dealing with fitness and sports clubs are known as fitness managers. Fitness managers are also employed by different physical therapy centres. A fitness manager normally engages himself in assisting the clients to achieve physical fitness. Apart from this they also deal with money management. Since he is engaged in such variant works he is always cheerful and enjoys his work. Their work mainly includes promoting the skill, dealing with staffs and other aspects of health and fitness. The success of such health centres mainly rely upon the fitness manager. It depends on the type of centres or clubs as to what type of services they provide. A fitness centre which runs under a local authority varies a lot from that which runs under a private one. Based on the requirement of the client, activities are framed and encouraged. The fitness manager is also responsible to raise money for the centre. Popularization of health clubs or centres depends primarily on advertisement. Different qualified instructors as well as staffs for administration works are employed by the fitness manager. A staff register is also maintained by the fitness manager. It is a part of their duty to ensure that the equipment used are in proper condition and all the necessary precautions are taken during the course work.  They confirm security in and around the cub or centre. Other maintenance works along with cleaning are also verified. They take utmost care in dealing with their customers. All types of complaints are heard from the customer and are dealt accordingly. One of their main duties is to keep an account of the budget with the profits produced. Minutes of the things purchased and used is also to be maintained. Based on the priority of the demands of the customer they can make changes in the schedule as well as improve the mode of giving training. A minimum of a degree in subjects like physical education, exercise physiology or in exercise science or a master’s degree in any of the subjects is required to become fitness manager. Apart from this knowledge in aerobics, weight training, etc are additional qualification. Some of the companies make CPR certifications as well as first aid compulsory. Both indoor as well as outdoor works can be seen in this field. Based on the report of American Department of Labour in 2010 different fitness clubs or spots centres have employed about 61% of the exercise instructors. This in a way shows the job prospects of fitness manager. A major part of the time of the fitness manager is spent in office work. Their work time mainly includes night and weekends.