Florist Job Description

The persons who sell different types of flowers and ornamental plants are called as florists. Florists normally have a feeling of love for flowers and plants. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis has reported that the business of flowers is one of the most active businesses in today’s world. Flowers make every event unique. A florist has to take great care in arrangement as well maintaining the freshness of flowers. The flower business is known as Floristry. It is a seasonal business. From managing the flowers carefully, making beautiful arrangements of flowers, etc to presenting and selling, all these come under floristry. Flowers are sold in a whole sale as well as retail price. The cut flower industry provides enough materials for the business of floristry. Flowers can be ordered from florist shops, garden stock supplies, filling places, etc. Even online flower stores are available. Cut flowers, ornamental grasses, foliage, etc are used to decorate bouquets and compositions. Such a method of arranging flowers beautifully in bowls, vases, etc is called floral design or floral arts. People normally get confused with the terms floral design and floristry. Both these terms are entirely different. Floristry is different from horticulture as in floristry includes nurturing of plants or flowers which can stay fresh for longer period. A florist must be skillful in making complex flower arrangements like corsages, permanent arrangements, wreaths, etc. A florist normally contains all types of flowers of that season with flowers like orchids, lilies, tulips, etc and flowers from other parts of the world too in the group. The taste of flower is different from person to person. Things like fruits, baskets, etc are also available in some florist shops. More profit is achieved in a floral business during festive seasons like Christmas. Wedding, funerals, special days like mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc also influences the floral business a lot. People buy flowers for personal enjoyment too. Nowadays people are more concerned in buying house plants. They also give more importance in decorating their houses. An occasion without flowers cannot be imagined. One can take floristry as a hobby or a career. Proper practical awareness and logic of organizing flowers is required in the florist industry. Even short term courses are available through professional florist trade associations and private post-secondary vocational schools. In business as well as public event sets the importance of flowers cannot be neglected. It is the duty of a florist to get facts from the client with regard to the type of flower preparation required the purpose it is required for, when and where it has to be delivered, the price of the flower, etc. The florist must take utmost care in unpacking the stock as soon it arrives in the shop so as to keep its freshness. He must keep the shop neat and clean.  He must be skillful in creating new designs on the demand of his clients. Some florists even help in decorating buildings, wedding stages, etc.  They must give sufficient information to the clients as to how to maintain and keep the flower fresh for longer. He can even train workers. By maintaining their flowers and the shop, and creating more beautiful arrangements, the florist can attract more number of customers to his shop.