Fundraiser Job Description

There are certain charitable institutions, spiritual institutions which appoint a fundraiser in order to raise money for them. Even companies and persons are occasionally benefited by them. Different charitable institutions function with the aid of such raised money. The fund raisers request and accumulate contributions like money or other funds from charitable foundations, persons, administration agencies, etc.  In olden days fundraising was done mainly on roads or lanes. Today it has been changed to online fundraising. Sometimes the religious or charitable groups raise deposit through civic broadcaster, and governmental campaigns. The fund raised may be utilized for charitable disquiets, for communal problems like calamity aid and others, learner grant, excellence honours for athletic or academic achievement, etc. Sometimes these professional fundraisers are exploited by the non-profit organizations. The fund raiser either gets a part of the fund raised by them or they may even get prescribed fees for it. The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is a professional membership body. Based on its code of ethics it is illegal to accumulate a proportion of the fund raised as remuneration by the fundraiser. It is therefore necessary that such fundraisers must be employed on a salaried basis. The position of a fundraiser is high in an organization. Professional fundraiser and fundraising professionals are two different terms.  The expert fundraisers are intermediaries who are contracted for their services however a fundraising specialist is a staff of a particular charitable organization.