Geologist Job Description

The persons who study geology are known as geologists.  They mainly study the constituents of the earth and the other plants along with its origin and formation. It is mostly an applied science.  A person who is studying geology is mainly concerned with subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. Some of the geologists work outdoor while some others spend most of the phase in laboratories. The presence of different resources under the earth’s crust is found out with the help of geologists. Some of the geologists make a detailed study of natural disasters like storm, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc and help in giving warning with regard to these disasters. Various reasons for changes in the climate are also being studied by them. Private firms, different agencies of government, Educational and various non-profit institutions employ geologists on a part time or full time basis for their works. The geologists also work on big projects of societal significance planned by the state or central government.  The geologist engaged in various fields or areas are given different names for example engineering geologists, exploration geologists, etc. Whenever a public or private construction projects are designed or planned a detailed study is done by the engineering geologists as to whether such construction works would be a threat to the environment in any ways. Natural resources are searched or found out with the help of exploration geologists.  They follow the laws of environment strictly. The geologists on the basis of the history of an area can make prediction with regard to various natural disasters that may occur in that place and can help in avoiding such disasters in future. The geologists not only help in finding the location of various natural resources but also find methods of getting the pure form of the resources.