Getting from College to Career Rev Ed: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World [Paperback] By Lindsey Pollak – Book Review

A young seeker passed out of college used to be amid of advice from friends and well wishers for getting his first job. Some people survive and some people’s career does not take off. The new job seeker who has just passed out of college often gets disappointed on getting rejected on the grounds of not having experience. And repeats the same question without getting a job how can I get experience. The book will surely solve all such concerns of a new job hunter. These books will provide tools which will equip the job seeker in intense preparation and smart job search. This book will be a perfect companion for those who have recently left college and in search of a new job. This book will also solve the problem of people who have recently taken up their first job. This book will be a continuous source of inspiration for the new job seeker. They can experiment with the various techniques and strategies discussed by the author in this book. This book has followed a practical approach and tips and tricks discussed in this book can be implemented without much investment of time and money. With every new page the author will take the job seeker to a higher level of confidence.

Most of the time the job seeker is in a dilemma to where to start with the job search. “Getting from college to career” will help in identifying the right path in reaching your aim and help in utilizing the means to be explored as most of the loose many opportunities not because of their incapability but ignorance. This book is a very simple discussion as if involved in a friendly conversation with a friend who has years of experience in hiring process.  This book is a general discussion so it does not have much content about industry specific jobs. This career counseling book does not speak of anything new. But it has spoken regarding the things which need to be given priority. The book has covered almost all the areas that are generally overlooked by the new job seeker and are very significant in shaping one’s career. The author has shared his years of experience in the field of counseling to the reader in this book. He has successfully compressed his experience in the form of various tools, techniques and strategies for finding a job. How the resume to look impressive, how to add experience without getting the first job and he speaks about various kinds of internship that a new job seeker can undertake which pay a long way while applying for a new job. The book is full of alternatives. The author has kept various options open. The job should not be a mere means of bread and butter. The first job plays a very important role. This book will definitely change the outlook and attitude towards getting a first job. This book will help in self assessment and identifying the right job and the smart acts to achieve that goal.