Graphic Designer Job Description

Persons who are skilled in generating explicit designs are called graphic designer. They can form designs by assimilating images or typography. They even bring graphics into action.  With the help of graphics the written as well as electronic media works can be accomplished. They can work as a web designer or go in a teaching field. The information is presented by them in a most impressive and easily available mode. To acquire the job of a graphic designer it is required to have a certificate of degree from a recognized institution in addition to it they must also have an experience in this field. A graphic designer must have a certificate of BA, BFA, or even an MPhil or PhD is additional qualifications. A minimum of degree qualification is necessary in U.S. graphic design jobs. It is very essential that the modern designer must have knowledge of different graphic design software programs acceptable to make a unique position in this world today. Adobe Creative Suite is very familiar graphic design software programs today. The use of Adobe Creative Suite helps the designer to use various types of effect in typography, forming images and even Photoshop or manipulating photos. Typography and different symbols can be made by the illustrator using the suite. Output print layouts can also be made. Microsoft Word is used for making designs by people even outside this industry. QuarkXPress or InDesign is applied by most of the designers. Generally the designers into the graphics and the images formed in the Photoshop or Illustrator into the layout program where the text is typed. If any type of problems arise in visual communication that is worked out by the graphic designers. Such communication problems are first discovered and then the data concerning it are collected and studied ad then a better solution to the problem is found out. Whether the found solution works out or not can be checked by using user testing and Iterative prototyping. Production and execution methods like photography, laser printing, interactive media for ex; film, computer multimedia, etc should be thoroughly known by the designer. Their job sometimes demands management of colour in various media also