Grill Cook Job Description

The cook that uses the method of heating food on a grill is called a grill cook. He must take utmost care to satisfy the customer as well as the restaurant. His work must be done in an orderly manner. While working he must give importance to both swiftness and hygiene. Experience is optional in this field. The grill cook must be highly specialized in cooking the fillet and other cuts of meat to the satisfaction of the customer.  The grill station must be under the control of the grill cook. A customer’s satisfaction is given more priority. The quality of the food mainly depends on the ability of the grill cook. Even though he has helpers to assist him in his work, the major function lies upon his shoulder. Since their work involves a lot of meat utmost care has to be taken in handling meat and high heat. It is normally very difficult to maintain a consistency in preparation of food and that too in grilled cooking. The grill cook must take extreme care in storing raw meat as it may get damaged easily and can create grave health problems. The working time of chefs and the grill cooks are the same. The proficiency is very important in case of grilling. The method of grilling, cooking of the set piece of meat, and finally the way of presenting the food, etc matters a lot. Food handler certification is mandatory for some of the establishments. Other than grilling food the grill cook makes other types of food also as ordered by the customers. Based on the U.S. Department of Health and the corresponding restaurants it is very important to maintain a clean and hygienic situation while handling food. As part of their duty it is important that the grill cook must handle the ingredients carefully and must give importance in its storage also. They work independently or in groups with assistants