Groundskeeper Job Description

A person who maintains a ground or even a playing field is called a groundskeeper. They keep up the land by pruning the grass or shrublands and make it look attractive. They even plant flowers and different types of attractive plants to add to its beauty. According to the 2006 survey of U.S. Department of Labour declare that the schools, municipal parks, resorts and golf courses in United States employ about 300,000 out of 900, 000 workers engaged as groundskeepers. One of the most important jobs of a groundskeeper is that they have to look after and retain the condition of the land and keep it in good form. Grounds man, park keeper, curator, horticulturists, greens keeper are different terms used for the word groundskeeper based on the type of land they are maintaining. Hefty and petite types of equipment’s like mowers, weed eaters, trenchers, etc are used by the groundskeeper for maintaining the field or ground in good condition. Some type of maintenance as well as construction work is also done by them. They usually work as a part time or full time worker including weekends. Their main work starts as soon as the day breaks. Changes in the weather also change their working time as well as working hour. A passion as well as experience is required for this work. They must know how to control pests and decrease the number of weeds. They must also be aware of the horticulture. Currently education has become one of the criteria for appointing the groundskeeper. He must check out that the equipment cooling as well as the other systems is working in proper condition. He must also verify that the fuel and oil are filled up on all days. He must maintain the equipment’s in good condition by regularly cleaning them. In case of any default with regard to any equipment it is informed to the manager or the party concerned. The contractors sometimes take the help of them. They also function acceding to their supervisors.