Guidance Counselor Job Description

The future plans of a student are comprehended by a guidance counselor. He is employed by the educational institutions. He is also called as a student counselor or a school counselor. A direction to the right path is led by a guidance counselor by understanding the potential of each student. They help to introduce different job prospects for the students which might be suitable for their interest and ability. Their communication to a student may help to bring out the personality of a student.  They make the student understand about the importance of a good academic background and how to choose a better educational field in order to get a better job in future to lead a good life in the society. The intercession of a guidance counselor helps the students develop their abilities, tolerate high pressure and how to confront difficulties coming on their way. In an educational institution each student is different from the other in behavior and ability. Some are very arrogant, irrigating and even aggressive. Here a counselor plays an imperative part in controlling such type of students. He makes it a point to find out such students with problems at home or school and try to resolve it and ascertains that the overall conduct of the students is in control. There are certain qualities that a guidance counselor must possess. A guidance counselor must be very kind and compassionate to students. Students must not hesitate to approach him. He must have patience and must take pleasure in dealing with students. The problems that a student is facing can only be understood by the way the guidance counselor approaches a student. He must be able to win the confidence of the student. If a student has achieved a good career in his life then a guidance counselor can say it confidently that he has accomplished his job. After the World War II it was found that the students lost their emotions. The parents urged for the renewal of a guidance department in the schools which can direct students a right path. The importance of a guidance counselor increased in today’s life as the nation wants not a person but a person with qualities that can help in the development of the nation. There exist student appraisal counselors, consultation counselors and coordinating counselors, secondary and college counselors and various other types of counselors. Since each field requires different type of counselors the educational qualification required also varies. The payment depends mainly on the qualification and experience.