Hair Stylist Job Description

A person who makes a difference in the hairstyle is called a hairstylist. The look of a person can be changed a lot by augmenting and making the hair fashionable. A change in the personal look of a person can bring changes in his personality. They should be skillful and experienced in creating fashion in hairstyle. Apart from giving a beautiful look a hairstylist provides customer as well as a personal service. Cutting, styling hair, treating scalp, massaging, etc are some of the beauty services provided. Apart from providing different types of skin and hair care services they also provide cosmetology services. Both men and women are working as hairdressers and hairstylists. But barbers are mostly men who cut, trim and chic the hairstyle. Other than this they also offer scalp treatments, shaving, hair piece fitting and placement. Various beauty produces are also sold by these hairstylists. Some of the hairstylist who is owner of a salon offers hair care as well as supervisory responsibilities. By looking the condition of the hair the hairstylist can make out what type of treatment would be better for that particular hair. They should prepare client appointment program. They use tools like razors, trimmers, clippers, brush, scissors, setting, applicator, curlers, rollers, curling irons, etc. They must sterilize the metal products. They should keep the working place neat and tidy and should maintain a cash register and customer information records.  They must be acknowledged with the latest trends or fashion in hair style. They must run a therapeutic medication. In case of prolonged or transmittable scalp disorders they must be advised to take medical action.