Head Chef Job Description

The head chef is authorized to supervise the procedures take place in a kitchen. The other employees are under his control and obey his commands. The list of the type of utensils and items that has to be used is decided by him. They should see that the food items and stocks are utilized in a proper way and is maintained stored properly. The items should be ordered as they get shortage.  The menus as well as the specials are chosen by them. Apart from these they have also some other duties to perform. Head chefs can be seen in kitchens of small restaurants as well as in kitchens of very big hotels. The number of staffs under a head chef in small restaurants is less than that of a big hotel. In large industrial kitchens there will be a number of chefs under the head chef other than trainees and cooking helpers. The head chef must be proficient and swift in detecting and solving problems. He must be able to make a position of his own among other employees in kitchen. He must be very fast in entrusting different kitchen tasks so as to get a timely and efficient output.  Chef de partie are next to the head chef. The whole kitchen responsibility with the staffs together is upon the shoulders of the head chef. The most important part that a head chef has to keep in mind is the safety, hygiene including personal hygiene and fastness with quality work while dealing with the kitchen tasks. The head chef must prove to be a perfect example for other staffs. The head chef must always setup and carry out different delicious cooking. He must always experiment and come out with unique cuisines in order to attract more number of customers to their restaurants. It is a part of their duty to maintain a good relation with all the kitchen staffs in order to move the kitchen tasks smoothly. He must make it a point to see that the tasks are evenly and moderately distributed. The publicity of a restaurant depends on the head chef and he must be ready to do it. A better concession and indenture conditions depends primarily on the relationship of the head chef and the providers. He tries to make a better company food GP account. He should be able to well train the kitchen staffs on dish specification. Food stocks should be ordered accordingly. Any problems with the suppliers are to be reported to the respective managers.  It is observed that the foods prepared are up to the standard point. Utmost care is taken to reduce wastage and if there are any types of wastage that is reported. Suppliers selected through PLOFs are employed. Weekly invoice are prepared. A food policy is prepared for the staffs for not leaving any type of food in the kitchen area. GSM or the senior manager deal with problems or inquiries related to food or suppliers.