Hearings Reporter Job Description

Some of the technical or professional fields like law or medicine demand the statements of proceedings to be recorded. The hearing reporter tries to transcribe these statements of proceedings most accurately. These written records are faithful.  CAT equipment is utilized in it. This work requires traveling at any time.  The minutes of hearing is copied down precisely. Different conferences and meetings are carefully attended and transcriptions are made. The statements with regard to the conference attended are handed over to the staff or others. The dictation of reports, letters, etc from the administrator is recorded. Different schedules of hearings and meeting is formed and is informed to the public and its members. Apart from these other typing, and stenographic duties are also performed. Live formal and informal quasi-judicial hearings are also accurately recorded. Other acceptable methods of hearings reporting are also recorded. Typewriter or other word processing equipments are used in order to write down recoded proceeding into transcript form. The transcript form is then checked out for its correctness, spelling, layout and grammar by proofreading. On the demand of the administrative law examiner the recorded statement is again read. They can disrupt the proceedings in case of any doubt with regard to any words or muffled statements. Such recorded statements can be filed as legal transcripts on appeals to State courts or can be given as information on application to interested persons. The payment vouchers are typed by computing the witness fee and the cost of the travel for summoned witness. When a petition is filed for judicial review the written records are transcribed to the court.