Historian Job Description

One who is an expert in history is known as a historian. They make a deep and continuous learning of history. They also do research works in this subject. A historian of prehistory deals with events that happened before the history was written. There are professional as well as amateur historians. But the term historian normally refers to somebody who has graduated in the respective subject. During the nineteenth century historian became a career. The study of history involves an exploring into the past. With the available facts and ostensible facts make it very difficult to explain past event clearly. The modern historical investigation takes the help of the subjects like anthropology, linguistics, sociology, etc. Writers of the past used to collect and make analysis of the past mostly by studying the culture and civilization or remains or such other type of things of the past. Because of this reason their information are more precious. The analysis made by the modern historians have added or deleted the concepts based on the new reliable methods or from the things they have discovered from. Archaeology is one of the most important subjects which have contributed a lot in investigating the past. Historians use archaeological methods for their investigation of the past. Things like old calendars, census records, and pictures from the past, materials found from the past, old newspapers, old coins, etc help the historians a lot in studying about a particular city or state. Sometimes even the people lived in that era are interviewed in order to make an understanding about that period. The record from the temples or churches may also help them a lot. Computerized data and statistical methods are utilized to examine the information collected. The historians through these methods get an idea of the city of that era and they transfer these findings into a book or directly convey it to people. A person who did under graduation in history can direct his way towards law or even business. Historians can get employment in universities. The minimum qualification is masters in history but PhD is an additional qualification.  Taking graduation or post-graduation was easy when compared to doing research work. Teaching profession gave monetary benefit but the condition of those who want to do further studies or do research in the said subject was very costly and difficult as resources are very minimal. Only a few Universities exist that supported by offering funds for such students. Museums, colleges and universities, government agencies, etc employ professional historians. Some even work as consultants and freelance writers. The number of students in the research field is getting reduced day by day as there is no monetary support from the universities or colleges or from other source. Hence it is difficult for the students to do research works. Most of the students who are doing research works have taken teaching as an additional part time job giving a small payment to stick on to their research works.