How to follow-up on all contacts after Job interviews?

A person who is on the hunt of better jobs for himself has a thinking that once he has given interview his part is entirely over. But it is a wrong thing on his part to do so. One must always act on the contacts he has. A person may have feeling since he circulated the information on his contact he thinks that his work is over there itself. But it is not at all true. It is very important for a person to follow up after he has attended an interview. There are persons who simply sit without doing anything after their interview thinking that they would get a call from the company regarding the interview they have attended. At the same time there also exist people who after their interview try to give their contact information to some of the people whom he came across during the day of interview. Apart from this he also makes enquiries regarding his interview after a few days of attending it. The probability of getting the job may be perhaps more on the side of the latter people because instead of relying on the company for getting the results of the interview they themselves have followed up on the results. Such attitudes are likely to attract the potential employers.

Sometimes it may happen that even if the candidate is very sharp and brilliant he may be out of the list of the applicants selected for the job because he may have shown his reluctance or forgotten to mail a note of gratitude to the interviewers or that he has not even followed up the interview he has attended. Therefore it would always be advised that people who have attended their interviews should better follow up their contacts other wise their chance of getting the job would become fainter. Such follow ups of contacts is thus very important in all businesses in order to make a good impact of oneself on the potential employer and the other employees of that company which proves his intelligence for their business and it would also intensify one’s possibility of getting that job. It is good if the candidates after their interview send a letter of gratitude to the interviewer most preferably after a few days from the interview. This may increase the possibility that the employer may consider that candidate for the job or if not they would at least keep his details in their record for considering him for any future jobs in their company. The candidate must bear in mind not to forget to give information like mobile number, landline number, his e-mal address or the home address for contacting him.  This can avoid the justification on the part of the potential employer that no sources were available to contact him. The candidate must also make sure that he has got the correct contact information of the potential employer and that he addresses correctly in his resumes or letter of gratitude.

The temperament of a person is also concerned by various companies therefore it would be better if the candidate makes aware of the people to whom he has given his contact numbers about such things which could be concerned by the potential employers. A person should not be disheartened if he is not selected for the post. On the other hand he can request the people connected to that company to recommend him to some other companies they may know and to consider his name for any prospect job that may occur in their company. No matter if a person is new to the business or has already expanded it is good if he acts upon all his imperative connections and tries to develop powerful business rapport with others. Forwarding a letter of gratitude to the existing and the prospect customers is very important as far as a person is concerned who is already in business. This would probably help him to build a trademark of his business and would help to improve his business. One must get the information about the buyers who are presently buying products from him and try to know their opinions and suggestions regarding their products. This would ultimately increase the confidence of customers in his business. If a person who is carrying out a business tries to respond promptly to the customer then he would help him to great extent to get the attraction of such customers towards him and his business.