How to negotiate the payment by fresh grad

Most of the graduates desire to get a dream job as soon as they pass out from their college. But it is disappointing to note that since these youngsters are freshers they do not have any experience as such with regard to any kind of jobs and even if any one had a job that would most probably a part time job. As a result of this they find it very difficult to get a job of their selection or to say, a high post job. One must understand that it is good if a person has no other choice but to start with an entry level post then he must do it right away. If he really works hard in future then he would surely get into a very high post within no time. Other than hard work he needs to have a strong determination too. One thing that must be considered by the newly graduated people is that they must be well prepared with all the things which are necessary in obtaining a job for them because there are many competitions in the field of obtaining a job for oneself from the side of people similar to them and also from those people who have recently left job and are looking for a latest one. It normally happens in the case of fresh graduates that the professionals who deal with the appointment and giving remuneration for the employee consider that it is not so essential to talk about the appointment or the remuneration with them. On their point of view such graduates do not have much experience as such with regard to the working field offered by their company.  Hence the question would not arise regarding what should be the payment of the employee if he is a fresh graduate. That means most of the employers are reluctant to give a high salary if the employee is a fresh graduate.

The payment made by some of the employers is based on the subject which a person has done his or her graduation. It was also observed that most of the employers gave good payments for those employees who are science graduates while an employee who is a graduate in arts subject is comparatively given a low salary. If a graduate really wants to get a good payment from his potential employers then he must first try to understand the qualities which are hidden in him. He must be able to present himself in a very professional manner before the employer. He should be very careful not to present himself as very ordinary. The employer must be forced to think that the person has a talent which needs to be paid for. For this the best place to decide upon is through interview. Therefore it is highly necessary for the employee to be very cautious in presenting himself before the employer or the interviewer. His whole performance in the interview would decide upon his appointment to the post that has been offered. Whether he would get a high payment or not would be basically decided upon his performance in the interview. In the interview if there is talk on the payment the fresh grad must think twice and answer whether he would accept the job for that payment offered to him or not. He must not make the first move to ask for the salary he would get for the post.

It is always good if the topic on salary is initiated by the employer himself. In the beginning it-self if the fresh grad asks about the salary associated with the post offered then it may most probably create a negative impression on the employer. They would think that the person is interested more on payments than on the work which would be assigned to him. But the applicant could very well enquire about the tasks which are attached to the concerned. The applicants could very well study about the job and the corresponding payments made by various companies before they apply for it. This would indeed help them to negotiate their salary to somewhat higher. It is necessary that before the applicant agrees upon to join the company he must not only understand the salary he would get for the post but must also understand about the other benefits which he would get once he gets on to his job.