Importance of Cover Letters in Resume Submission

Good remuneration, reputed firms, and high posts are some of the reasons which force a person to change to new jobs. Once a person makes his mind to change to a new job he starts searching for new jobs. He depends on different sources like internet, employment section of local newspapers, etc for getting information about various jobs that are available in his vicinity and also in abroad. When the person finally discovers the type of job or jobs which can give him ample scope for opportunities he forwards his resumes and applications to the concerned companies. Prior to sending the resumes and applications it is very important for the person to take notice of the cover letter. Cover letters are important in resumes and must be given the first priority to anything else. It is regrettable that cover letters are not given so much importance by most of the persons who are searching for jobs. But to one’s surprise it is noted that those who give no importance to cover letters face the consequences. Those who are in search of jobs, for them, it is necessary to know the importance as well as the making of a perfect cover letter.

There exist several explanations for the importance of a cover letter. The resumes which are normally submitted through mails accompany a cover letter. In case of resumes being presented personally a person is able to establish the purpose to the person to whom the resumes and applications are being submitted. But such a preface is unlikely in case where the resumes and applications are being mailed. The importance of a cover letter is revealed in such circumstances. A cover letter gives a short introduction of the person who is submitting his resumes prior to reading the same. The cover letters also dish up like an encouragement for the person who is submitting it. There exist various forms for cover letters in which he introduces the source which made him to discover the job, the reason for his interest in the job and his aptitudes for the job. Every person has their own way of preparing their resumes and it is not necessary that all are ideal resumes. There are cases when the employer finds problem in reading the resumes. In such cases by reading the cover letter the employer can make an assessment as to whether the applicant can be called for the interview or not.  Thus a good and perfect cover letter can be a reason for getting a better job for a person. Many people do not know as to what a cover letter should normally contain. Though there are different formats for cover letters their purpose is the same. That means the cover letters help the applicant to get a best job. Reading the cover letter the manager or the employer gets an overall idea which can be looked in detail by turning to the resumes.

It is observed that nearly all the resume cover letters have a small reference of the applicant and the job for which he has submitted the application. One can also illustrate the source of discovering the job opportunity from. Such an illustration can really make the employer happy as they can be satisfied that their business plans are working. One’s aptitude and the experience for the job are also stated in the cover letter. Some even state the reason for their interest in that particular job. Only a short description is required in the cover letter as the details of such information will be their in their resumes. Numerous resume cover letters are required in case the applicant is applying for various jobs. It is because the jobs for which the person is applying for may be different from one another. If possible the person can also make build a resume cover letter template. But he must see that he modifies the template whenever he applies for different jobs.  In order to make one’s resume and the cover letter to be unique he must not forget to modify and personalize it. Therefore it is very important that a person always submits his resume with a perfect cover letter especially in case of mailing it. In today’s world most of the employers demand cover letters to be with resumes and applications which are being mailed.