Importance of Politeness while dealing with a potential Employer

A person who is looking for a job can take the help of various resources for searching the most suitable job for him. He can use the internet, local newspapers and even many other resources. A person who has attained a job is required to develop and follow certain qualities in him especially when he is dealing with his employer and co-employees. Politeness is one of the most important qualities that one must develop while he deals with different persons. It is not that one must be polite only during his working time but such a quality must be maintained every time he comes across people from different areas. If one wants to know how important a quality like politeness is in his life he must try to understand it from the side of the other person. It would be good if such a thing can be made to be understood with an example. If we think of ourselves to be an employer of company and if two kinds of people approach us for a job, one of which uses words of gratification and the other uses words which makes us feel that he got bored with us, then we would surely like to employ the first person who is more humble and serene in his behavior. It is a fact that a polite person is always liked by everyone.

Every company would like to have employees who are respectful, well-mannered and considerate because according to them the future of their company depends on such employees. The business of a company can be built or destroyed by the nature of its employees. It can be seen in types of businesses like trading which mainly deals with direct customer contact. In order to maintain the trading business there is always requirement of employees who can be more friendly, temperate and appealing in all sense. If the employee does not satisfy any of these qualities then it is more likely that the customer would approach somebody else for his business. Irrespective of the type of business the employer is carrying on it is the duty of a person to behave to his most polite manner to his potential employers. Such a politeness must be maintained always whether to his employer or to other people around him. There is wrong notion prevailing among many people that it is enough that they impress the persons who are conducting their interview. But such a mentality should be discouraged completely. A person must keep in mind that when he approaches an office to deliver his resume and the application he must be more assenting and satisfying in his behavior. But there can be situations in the office where he gets a bad response when he submits his resume and the application.  In such a situation nobody can expect the person to behave politely if the response was too bad on the other side.  Thus the person cannot be blamed for not being polite to the people in the office.

The person should be polite to every other person associated with the company where he is going for an interview or for work. The other person may be a peon to an employer of the company. The person must try to be polite with every person of the company irrespective of their posts in the company. Even speaking through a phone in a polite manner is very important and one must be careful in that. Dealing with telephone calls is also necessary as it can reveal the polite nature of the person handling it. Therefore it is highly essential that a person who is on the search of a new job for himself must try to be polite in all circumstances. The polite nature can impress the employer and can give more advantage and success to the person who has this quality in him.