Is there any need to quit your present Job without finding a new one?

Sometimes it happens that a person even though he has a job at present he may want to leave it and join a new job. The reasons for his moving to a new job may be many. Low payment, uninteresting post, unhappiness with the boss or the associates, etc may be some of the many reasons why the person wants to change to another job. Apart from interest a person must also work sincerely in finding a new job for himself. A person is free to make his own choice of leaving an existing job. It is his decision as to when and how he must fulfill his wish. But before making such a decision every person must think of the circumstance that is prevailing in one’s family life. They must ensure that their decision should not be in any ways bring any kind of financial crisis in the family. Therefore it would always be better that before a person decides on leaving his job for the sake of a new job, he must have a row of new jobs in front of him. This can give him more assurance that he would very soon enter into a new job. This is an important aspect to be looked before a person quits his job because in the world of today the cost of living has become too high and the house basically runs on the salary of the person. Hence it is advisable that no one should leave his job hastily and unwisely. Even if he does so, he may have to face financial crisis for months ahead until he gets a new job for himself. He must know that he would be disqualified even for unemployment compensation. But it is observed that most of the people do not even bother to pay attention to such things.

If a family mainly depends on the salary of a person then that person must think wisely before he leaves his present job. He must not offer his resignation unless he finds a new job for himself regardless of the despondency he is experiencing in his present job. It would thus help the person to move his life smoothly without bringing any kind of financial crisis in it. Along with the losing of financial support there is a possibility that he may even lose his home and his family. But it is not necessary that all people think the same way. However one must understand the importance of such aspects before he decide to quit his present job. Most of the people find it difficult to search for new jobs while continuing to work in the present job. Working around the clock and then searching for a job is very difficult for a person. But it cannot be listed in the impossibilities. One can take the advantages of sick time, lunch breaks, etc. He can make use of the internet and the local newspapers for searching new jobs. Internet plays a very important role in finding a new job for a person as a job can be searched in the internet at any convenient time of the person. One can even make the vacation time, lunch breaks, sick days, etc to be present for the interview. There may be people who are financially well secured. Such people must also move cautiously. It is required that people who are thinking to leave their present job must hand over a two weeks notice to their employer. It is because If such a thing is not done it is likely to affect one’s future job.