Laboratory Assistant Job Description

A laboratory assistant’s job is to performs laboratory based tasks depending on the requirement, a laboratory assistant may be involved in many scientific field of work which may vary from being a Medical laboratory assistant to a chemical laboratory assistant and many universities are also known to have a laboratory assistant in their lab’s. The main role of a laboratory assistant is to examine and run tests on given samples. In medical field laboratory assistants are mostly involved in the identification of diseases and unknown pathogens, and they are also involved in the preparation of cure for newly identified bacteria’s and pathogens based diseases by identifying them and processing them to find chemicals that would eliminate them. Medical laboratory assistants also run any given tests on the blood samples as required some commonly known tests are blood grouping, HB TCDC and RBC and WBC count.

 Another known and important area of employment for laboratory assistants are in the chemical industry where their role can vary from just chemical processing to even production and manufacturing of new chemicals and chemical compounds. Another kind of laboratory assistants are known as scientific laboratory assistant, they are usually involved in working with and along scientists processing and analyzing samples, collecting and preparing data and results. Assist scientists to study the nature and behaviour of different chemicals in different conditions and atmosphere. Many universities around the globe are also known to employ laboratory assistants in there labs to help and guide students in conduct of their experiments and research in an efficient and safe manner. In order to become a laboratory assistant one needs a bachelor’s degree in science (in most of the countries) and depending upon their specific roles one can opt to get their major in chemistry, physics or biology. As there are so many different fields of work for a laboratory assistant so is the employment opportunity.