Labour Mediator Job Description

A labour mediator is a person who acts as a negotiating or mediating link between labours and employers or labour unions in case of a dispute, for the settlement of labour management disputes. In most of the occasions when such a dispute occurs it usually ends up as a legal dispute in court but many at times due to numerous reasons an out of court settlement or solution is preferred and that’s here a Labour Mediator comes into play, a labour mediator uses his or her conflict resolution skills and persuasion skills to help resolve a labour dispute between the involved parties. Labour disputes are disputes that come under the governance of the labour laws which may vary from country to country.

Labour laws are put together in the constitution of every country for the fair treatment of labours and to ensure their safety at work, it also has a stipulated guideline for the minimum wages and overtime depending on the nature of work and the level of skill involved. An aspiring Labour mediator will need a good working knowledge of the labour laws and codes of the country. In order to become a labour mediator an aspirant will have to get a degree after high school. In some parts of the world one can directly get a degree in labour relations but the usual trend in the rest of the world is to get a multi-disciplinary degree with business studies, social studies and behavioural science as a part.

Labour mediators initially begin their professional career as administrative personals with a firm with on the job training and a fair amount of experience is needed before one gets to directly handle a case individually. It’s a gradual growing career where one has to prove their worth, talent, potential and eventually earn the trust of both the employer and the parties involved before being assigned to handle a case individually. Being a labour mediator also allows a person to further grow his career into management positions as well, where one can get a masters degree in labour relations or human resource management. This career path is best suited for an individual who has a keen interest in a profession that involves problem solving and has good persuasive abilities and conflict resolution capabilities.