Labour Nurse Job Description

The nursing profession is known to be one of the most noble profession in the world, a Labour nurse also sometimes referred to as a Delivery nurse, is a nurse that specialises in labour or child birth. To become a labour nurse one has to get an associate degree in nursing or Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSc Nursing) and in most western and European countries is required to get valid registered nurses licenses to work. A labour nurse has to administer prescribed medicines by the doctor, monitor the health of the foetus, help the expecting mother to induce labour and also comfort her and relax her. They also work alongside the doctors to device an infant delivery plan. Some labour nurses are specialized to handle specific areas of pregnancy care which includes complicated pregnancy, C-section etc. They also provide post delivery health care to the new born infant and the mother. Labour nurses also play a key role in educating expecting mothers about healthy and safe pregnancy, and about the Do’s and Don’ts related to pregnancy both during and after. And in some cases where a female feel pain from post-partum depression they also provide assistance and care.

Pregnancy for some woman can be a very stressful affair and stress is significantly bad when it comes to a safe pregnancy and some women need a medical professional that they can trust during these tough times to re-assure and comfort them and this is where again a labour nurse play’s a major part. The normal work place for a labour nurse in a hospital would be the maternity ward but labour nurses are also appointed in birthing centres, health clinics, gynaecologist’s office and maternity centres. As the need for good nursing care is increasing day by day the need for labour nurses is also very high so the needless to say it is indeed a very well paying job. On an average a labour nurse in the United States of America earns anywhere between 65000$ to 90000$ per annum. Aside from the monetary benefit the occupation as a labour nurse is very gratifying one in terms of job satisfaction. Further if an experienced   labour nurse wishes to take her career and profession to the next level they can opt to become a nursing tutor engaged in the training and teaching of aspiring Labour nurses provided they acquire the necessary certifications to do so, these certifications may vary from country to country.