Radiology Technician Job Description

Radiology Technician or “Radiology Technologist” (as most of the professional in this field want to be addressed) has a very significant role in medical profession. They play a vital part in identifying the illness or cause of illness by applying various principles and techniques of radiology. Whenever we go for an x-ray, CT scan or MRI scan we can see these professionals. The demand for Radiology Technologist is increasing and hence they are paid very well. The first step towards becoming a Radiology Technologist is to enroll oneself for a degree program in radiology for which minimum requirement is higher secondary education. This degree program trained the student in medical field like anatomy, physiology and basic patient care to principles of radiology and its application in medical science and in depth study of radiological equipment used in medical field and imaging technology. There are various certificate programs run by various institution, but the international standard for a radiology technologist is a bachelor’s degree in radiology. All the education institutions of one country follow a similar curriculum as it is laid down by a body which regulates the issue of radiology technologist license.

To practice full fledge as Radiology technologist it is mandatory to take license from the regulating authority. In America it is ARRT (American registry of radiology technologist) and in India it is IRRT (Indian registry of radiology technologist). These bodies are doing their best to enhance the quality of medical service by only allowing the candidates with required skill set to practice in this field.  Depending upon the patient capacity of the hospital, a hospital may require one or group of radiology technologist. There are various terminologies like x-ray technicians, CT technician which was commonly used earlier are merely the role of radiology technician. Radio Technologist can later specialize on any of the fields of radiology like ultrasound, CT scan or Angiography etc. A recent survey in health industry has claimed that number of jobs for radiology technologist has exceeded the number of licensed Radiology Technologist. Hence in many places people with some certificate course in Radiology has been appointed to the fill the vacancy. The radiology technicians holding a certificate can only perform limited part of the job responsibilities and job requirement of the radiology technologist.  The main hazard of this profession is continuous exposure to radiation. Strict measures should be taken by the employer to prevent such hazards.