Receptionist Job Description

The first picture of a receptionist coming into mind is attending telephone callas and addressing the inquiries of the customer and handling the front office desk. The traditional role of a receptionist has undergone many changes in the last two decades. Answering machines and computerized board lines has made their life much easier. Now the receptionist handles the helpdesk, front office, personnel assistant, scheduling meeting, data entry and many other job responsibilities depending upon the company’s profile.

Depending upon the profession of their boss’s receptionist handles a variant range of job responsibilities.  Irrespective of size and nature of the company, receptionists is the first point of contact with a company in most of the cases. Hence the employer is very particular while short listing a candidature for receptionist to select a  person with positive attitude, energetic, empathetic with good communication skills and soft skills and most important who can work in an organized manner, work under pressure and able to do multi tasking. In some offices receptionist also do the functions of administrative executive, travel helpdesk and sometimes assist the human resource management team and housekeeping team of the company. Receptionist receives guest and dignitaries on the behalf of the company. The job of a reception is a stressful job as one need to be productive, attentive, while doing high level of multi tasking. Sometimes a post of the receptionist is considered as an inferior post than the other employs and there is no growth in the profession of a receptionist. The role of a receptionist is no where inferior as receptionist is the person who gives voice and face of the company to a first contacting client. Like its other technical staff, receptionist plays an important role in day to day coordination of the office and receptionist is a vital part in the running of an office. Though receptionist is an entry level position, people joined as receptionist later moves to administration, secretary ship, human resource team, accounts and many other office support teams.

The basic education qualification required by the most of the employer is an associate degree or bachelor’s degree with good communication skill and basic computer skills.  The knowledge in hardware and software may give an extra edge in assuring a job of a receptionist.  Some employers may require book keeping knowledge or working knowledge of database management and spreadsheets. The main ad foremost requirement for a receptionist which cannot be compromised is good interpersonal and communication skills.