Respiratory Therapist Job Description

Respiratory Therapist has a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lungs related diseases. In ordinary language Respiratory Therapist helps the patients to breath comfortably either directly with the aid of medical equipments or indirectly by diagnosing the cause of such problems and helping in the proper treatment of that ailment. Respiratory Therapists services are highly need in cardiology and pulmonary diseases specialization department of healthcare. A healthcare practitioner will surely need the assistance of Respiratory Therapist for the diagnosis, and correct evaluation, during treatment and close monitoring and care of cardiopulmonary patients. They work in close association with other healthcare practitioners in neonatal care units, and critical care transport units while transferring a patient from one place to another place. They are an integral part of pulmonologist team and they also work as asthma specialist. They play a vital role in treatment of patient with bronchitis. They also educate people about better breathing techniques like Diaphragmatic breathing.

The job responsibilities of Respiratory Therapist are extensive. The services of respiratory Therapist are needed round the clock in hospitals. Hence most of the hospitals Respiratory Therapists work in rotational shift. In smaller clinics the services of Respiratory Therapist is sought as consultant. Hence Respiratory Therapist can work as a full time employee or pursue a part time or freelance consulting career. Respiratory Therapist also runs independent laboratories for the diagnosis and primary treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases. They also work as asthma educators in schools and sometimes there services are also taken in rehabilitation centers for addicts who have developed serious respiratory and pulmonary problems.

There are a lot of opportunities for Respiratory Therapist in research area related to cardiopulmonary diseases. The development and expansions in the area of clinical research has increased the job avenues for these professionals. To pursue a career as Respiratory Therapist one must have minimum associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy.  There are various certification courses are offered in Respiratory Therapy by various organization. The certificate holders can only undertake Para respiratory tests and limited things as a lab technician. To become an Advanced Respiratory Therapist one must have a Bachelors of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy and registered with the organization of Practicing Registered Therapist. Apart from the theoretical knowledge this profession demands clarity of thoughts and conclusive judgment, accuracy and presence of mind as most of the time Respiratory Therapist are part of an emergency team.