Restaurant Manager Job Description

The job title in itself speaks about the job responsibilities. Restaurant manager is the center pillar of a restaurant. He is responsible for day to day administration, coordination and management of all the affairs related to all the departments of the restaurant. He is the contact point for staff, management and customers. He is responsible for assigning work to the staff, supervise and manage the compensation records of the regular as well as contract employees. He is also responsible for imparting training to the staff and frame policies for their safety and welfare.

The task of restaurant manager also includes ensuring the regular replenishment of raw materials, maintenance of infrastructure of restaurant. He is also responsible for accounting of daily expenditure and maintaining the record of the same. Restaurant Manager is responsible for preparing budget plans and implementing the same in day to day operations. Restaurant Manager should keep a regular check in the quality of food served in the restaurant and abide by the standards laid down by different state agencies dealing in food and safety. He should have a close watch on the cleanliness and tidiness of the restaurant and surroundings. He is responsible for implementing the policy of the management and responsible for giving continuous report and feedback relating to the working of the restaurant. The duties of the Restaurant Manager also include listing food items served in restaurant with competitive price and maintaining the good profit margin. Restaurant manager addresses all complaints from the customer relating to the quality of food served as well as any complaints regarding the staff. Restaurant manager should resolve all he minor and major conflicts arising between the customer and employees as well as between the employees. In small restaurants with limited staff a restaurant manager has an extensive role from purchase to supply and customer service to employ relation and the list go on. But in bigger establishments many of the functions are relegated to the associate restaurant manager, kitchen supervision to chefs and accounting records to accountant. Restaurant manager is mainly responsible for coordinating between all the department, overseeing their activities and making sure restaurant complied with all the legal regulations.

Though restaurant manager is a traditional job and most of formal education in hotel industry is not a must, but if you have it relevant experience it will give a weightage. Achieving customer satisfaction is the main objective of Restaurant Manager’s work profile.