Sales Associate Job Description

Sales associate job is very challenging and dynamic. Sales associate job does not require any specific educational background. It needs some personal skill sets like working under pressure, ability to meet deadlines and targets, strong customer service skills and continuous hard work and presence of mind. Sales associate must have good product knowledge.

The job responsibilities of a sales associate in retail sector include stock management from unloading of stocks to warehouse to making its way to the store shelves, clearing dead stock, replenishment of stocks, and daily administration of store from updating the price tags of all products. They are responsible for carrying on the promotional offers and assisting the sales manager or retail manager in achieving the sales target. Sales associate are also responsible for the account related activities of the retail store. Sometimes sales associate job also requires delivering goods at customer’s place and for technical goods it also includes demonstration of how to use the product. They are also given the responsibilities of counter sales and resolving the customer issues and handling the returns of good.

The quality of a good sales associate is making customers and retention of customer by providing them good service. Sales associate job varies depending upon the industry. A sales associate job in a garment industry is different from the job of a sales associate working in automobile industry. Sales associate is also involved in corporate sales and institutional sales, where the customers themselves are companies and government organizations. In every industry the target customer their psychology and their requirement is different. Hence it is very difficult for do a generalized job description. Hence most of the employers prefer for a on job training for a new entrant in this field.

The basic criteria for a sales associate in any industry are in depth knowledge of product, selling skill and customer service. Some technical sales associate position like electrical sales or pharmaceutical sales may require a graduation in the corresponding stream. Sales associate must have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. The job market for sales associate is increasing because of the increasing products and services available in the market. So it’s easy to secure a job of sales associate, but to continue in his profession one must update regularly and strive to excel in marketing skills.