Sales Executive Job Description

Sales executive is the entry level job in sales field. They are the first line of people which consumers come across while purchasing the product or services of the company. They make the sale on behalf of the company to the consumer and assure the quality of the product and educate them regarding the usage of the product and the corresponding return policy, guarantee and warranty policy. The primary job responsibility of sales executive is business development. Sales executive job is available in all sectors ranging from garment industry to FMCG industry, IT field to industrial goods, and financial market to medical field. Depending upon the sector the technical skill set required for the sales executive varies. Sales executive job includes direct sales in the retail store, door to door marketing, field marketing, demonstration of product and corporate and institutional sales depending upon the product and the targeted customer base. Sales executive should be able to work as a team member as well as independently.

Sales executives sometimes responsible to lead a team of sales man for business development. In that case they are responsible for recruitment, training and assigning work to sales men and their supervision and assist them to meet the sales target.  Normally a person with good interpersonal skills accompanied with good verbal and written skill with business knowledge can enter as a sales executive. But depending upon the industry one like to profess example for a career in pharmaceuticals, one must have a science graduation or an associate degree in pharmacy and IT sales person must have a background in IT field. Other than the technical products all employers prefer people with good business knowledge and marketing skill with a degree or an associate degree in business management.

The direct role of sales executive is selling of products but indirectly they are the person’s who receives direct feedback from the customers and this information can be used for framing promotional policies and take measures for product improvement. The sales executive job is very challenging. They have to continuously work under pressure. The monthly sales targets and increase in sales volume are prime objective of the sales executive. Sales executive’s salary varies depending upon the sector they are dealing.  Sales executives working in marketing of industrial goods and involved in institutional sales are the highly paid people in the industry. Sales executive is a launching platform for candidates with good potential as growth opportunities are very high for the industrious candidate.