Sales Representative Job Description

Sales representative are the professional who directly approaches the customer and close the sales or aides in closing the sales. The traditional image associated with a sales representative is door to door marketing or demonstrating the goods to the customer or trying to convince the buyer with his marketing skills. The major part of the sales representatives remains the same but the means of doing the sales has undergone drastic change due to advance communication technology and the increase in buyer awareness of products. Rather than the sales force companies prefer spending for advertising to increase the sales volume. Instead of all developments there are certain fields like pharmaceuticals where the role of sales representative is very significant.

The primary role of the sales representative is lead generation. So he must have an in depth knowledge of the territory allocated and the market trend prevailing in that area. He is responsible for making marketing strategies for that particular area to expand the customer and sales volume. Sales representative is mainly responsible for revenue generation in the grass root level. Sales representative takes part in the trade fair on behalf of the company and introduce the product and services to the general public. Sales representative addresses all the presales enquiries of the customers and do the continuous follow ups. Sales representative implements the company policies and provide continuous feedback to the management its impact on the sales.

The job responsibilities of the sales representatives also include documentation and maintaining a record of the sales closures. Hence some employers insist for basic computer knowledge like basic tool for updating the documentation and power point presentation. This job profile involves lots of travelling and meeting new people. The salary package also varies depending upon the industry. Most of the time apart from the salary sales representatives gets incentives depending upon the sales generation. The future market with online selling and order placing has not much changed the job avenues for sales representatives as claimed by many. The number of product launched in market is increasing day by day. The companies need the help of this grass root level sales professional and their expert service to survive in this competitive market and to make a bridge with the customer. The information gathered by sales representatives in the process of their market study and interaction with customers is used as business intelligence and to frame the company promotional offers and return policies and other sales related policies.