Sanitation Worker Job Description

Waste materials from industries and houses can cause many problems like pollution and other hazardous effects. There are people who work for collecting this garbage and also clean the neighborhood. These sanitation workers perform a variety of jobs. Cleaners and janitors come under sanitation workers. They also collect recyclable materials. These janitors and cleaner perform the function of cleaning. They mainly cleans wall, floors, windows, daily waste, bathrooms and also perform minor repair. Main functions of sanitary worker are 1) should be able to operate a sanitation vehicle which is used to collect waste materials 2) they need to carry these trashes from an area to the garbage vehicle 3) need to maintain the garbage vehicle in a proper manner and should refill the tank with the fuel 4) should keep a record of the quantity of trashes collected and the liters of fuel used by the vehicle 5) quick response to the people who are seeking help from these sanitation workers. There are vehicle cleaners who are employed for performing cleaning of vehicles, heavy equipments and machinery. The employers of these cleaners provide proper training for these cleaners. There are people who collect recyclable materials and refuse from home and other industries. These collectors should have a driver’s license so that they can drive vehicles for carrying this garbage.

Educational qualification is not so necessary for becoming a sanitation worker. But they should complete their training process before getting into the work. Most of the employers are looking for candidates with a minimum of one year experience. They should be properly licensed for working as a sanitation worker. They will have to face many physical hazards. They are generally exposed to some chemicals when their jobs are concentrated on industries. They don’t concentrate on a particular area or region; they will be traveling from one region to another. It is clear that the increase in industries caused an increase in need for these sanitation workers. On the basis of surveys conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were around 300000 cleaners of vehicle, 2,000,000 cleaners and janitor, and 130000 recyclable material collectors. The pay scale for these workers is also good. The average salary of a cleaner is around $ 20,000 per annum. While in the case of a vehicle and equipment cleaner the average salary is about $ 19,000. But the average salary for recyclable material collector is around $ 31,000.