School Principal Job Description

We know that schools play a vital role in imparting knowledge for the students. These schools help in the formation of the character of the children. These schools are mainly headed by the Principal. The administrative matters of the school is controlled and headed by the principal. They help in controlling day to day functions of a school. The main functions of principal are 1) support the students in order to attain success in their studies 2) conduct meetings with the parents in order to discuss about their children 3) support teachers and other staffs for performing their jobs in a proper manner 4) discussions are conducted with the higher authorities like state education officials 5) should provide financial resources 6) they should also conduct and participate in extracurricular activities. Every school have an assistant principal whose function is to the principal in his job 7) should work for promoting high standards of education for students 8) he is responsible for the safety, welfare and health of children 9) should provide safe recreational period for students. Since they have to mingle with a lot of young and dynamic people, they should have certain skills to perform their job in a proper manner. Some of the skills include 1) should have good communication skills 2) should be able to take quick and apt decisions 3) they should be ready to hear the problems of children 4) he should take necessary actions for correcting the problems of children.

A person who is having great experience in classrooms can become a principal. A person who had worked as a teacher for many years can become a principal. Usually an assistant principal is given first preference for the job whenever there is vacancy.  They should complete his/ her master’s degree or even PhD for becoming a principal. We know that every children need education for building up a brighter world. The opportunities for these jobs are increasing daily. We know that experienced candidates only can become a principal of an institution. But surveys have shown that the opportunities in this field will increase by 15% by the end of 2016. Managements of schools are providing enough salary for the principal of the school. Salary paid for principal varies and it depends on the geographical area where they work and the type of school they work for. The average salary of a principal is around $ 100,000.