School Psychologist Job Description

Psychology is nothing but the study of mind of a person on the basis of his/ her physical behavior. A person who checks this behavior is known as a psychologist. So it is clear that a school psychologist is a person who deals with the problems faced by children studying in school. It is necessary to have school psychologist in every school. These psychologists will help the students to get rid of problems which affects their mind. Such problems can cause the children to deviate from studies. There are many problems that affects a child, for many students may be suffering from problems caused by disputes between their parents, some may be afraid of exams etc. they check students for finding any mental or behavioral disorders. If such problems are detected then these psychologists try to correct it through counseling. If it doesn’t work then he directs the student to a psychiatrist. They not only deal with the students but also find out a solution for the problem by consulting with teachers and parents. They always make an assessment of studies and behavior of each and every student.

This is a social work and those who are interested in working with young children can become a school psychologist. They don’t need to take classes for these students but should be always available to monitor and correct the student’s problem. They can also check the classes and can also provide training for the teachers. Such a psychologist should have interest in human development and should have good communication skills, so that they can easily mingle with the students. The basic educational qualification required for becoming a school psychologist is that, he/ she should have a master’s degree in counseling or psychology. But in many other states people with doctorate degree can only become a school psychologist. It is compulsory to have minimum one psychologist for a school, so that the problems of the students can be reduced. This shows that need for such psychologists is increasing. There may be more than one psychologist for a school. These are the main reasons for the increase in demand for the psychologist. Even though this is a social work, these psychologists are paid properly. The average salary of the school psychologist is around $ 78,000. We know that, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens”, so it is necessary to create a good tomorrow by properly training the children.