School Superintendents Job Description

Schools are under the control of many people. School superintendent is one of such people. School superintendent is the highest executive who controls the administration of a school or a group of schools. They are directly under the control of the school board or top level of management. Top level management consist of elected people who control the school. They also check whether the school functions properly with the funds provided to them. The duties of these superintendent towards the board are 1) ask the board to introduce new policies or make change to the existing policies of studies on the basis of data from advisory committees and staff 2) should be active in district activities 3) asks for legal suggestions whenever necessary 4) should take actions based on the request by the board members.

The duties of these superintendents towards staff are 1) work for the proper functioning of every department and school 2) controls the working of the administrative staffs 3) plays a vital role in the selection process of staffs 4) takes decision regarding leaves, resignation, suspension and retirement by discussing with the members of the board. The basic responsibilities of these school superintendents towards the students include 1) introducing strict attendance law 2) should attend conferences and visit other school systems 3) can recommend to the board for the suspension of a student under certain situations.  They also have responsibilities towards the community and they are 1) checks whether the community is informed about the matters of school 2) listen to the complaints against the school and take necessary actions 3) participate in functions conducted by community organization. The duties of the superintendent are a bit stressful because of the responsibilities. They need to work for long hours. They are even forced to work during weekends. Superintendents should have good leadership qualities, good communication skills and should be capable to influence others.

No one can become a school superintendent all of a sudden, those who are having teaching experience is given more preference. The basic educational qualification for becoming a school superintendent is Master’s degree in school administration. As told earlier teaching experience is also an important criterion. The opportunity in this field is increasing, but preference to experienced candidates has made it more difficult for the candidates. More money is paid as salary for these superintendents. The average salary of these superintendents ranges from $ 90,000 to $ 150,000.