Science Teacher Job Description

As we all know that teachers are meant for teaching students. They not only teach students but also play an important role in molding the character of a student. Different teachers conduct classes on different subjects. The teacher who takes classes on science subject is known as science teacher. In high school level this subject consists of biology, chemistry and physics. They help their students to select their career. These teachers should have good knowledge about their subjects since they have to conduct practical classes too. Usually the school management allows only one teacher to teach one subject. That separate teachers are available for teaching physics, chemistry and biology.

The main responsibilities of a science teacher are 1) teacher should prepare and conduct classes for the students 2) ready to clear the doubts of students at any time 3) conduct class test, seminars and projects related to any science subjects 4) help the students to do their experiments in their laboratory 5) checks the performance of a student 6) marks, attendance and other details of the students are filed 7) participate in extracurricular activities 8) attend parents teachers meeting and discuss about students performance with their parents 9) give preference to safety of the students during lab hours and take necessary actions for this.  There are certain skills which a science teacher should have and they are 1) communication skill is an important skill which help the teachers to communicate with the students in an effective manner 2) capability to understand the problems faced by the students and be able to find a solution for this 3) commanding power is another factor which makes the teachers to succeed in their career 4) should have good problem solving skills.

Educational qualification is an important factor for a science teacher. A person will be qualified for becoming a science teacher only if he / she hold a master’s degree in any of the related subjects. Management are seeking for candidates with a minimum experience of 2 to 3 years. Job opportunities in this field are increasing daily and surveys have shown that there will be an increase of 14% in this field by the end of 2018. The pay scale for these teachers varies. Experience and education are the two criteria which determine the salary for the science teacher. The average salary of bottom level teachers is around $35,000 and it is around $50,000 and $80,000 for middle level and top level science teachers respectively.