Scientist Job Description

In the past decades we have seen the development of science. Many people discovered many things and many of them invented things. Continuous examination and studies on a particular field or thing had made this happen. For example let us consider Wright brothers, who were responsible for the invention of aircraft. This didn’t happen all of a sudden. They were conducting many test runs on the model which was invented by them and one of such test run made a dream become true. Scientist is a person who is engaged in an activity with the aim of acquiring knowledge. Scientists have selected this continuous studying process as their job. This lead to the development of new discoveries and they always work for improving the knowledge of human. Different scientists concentrate on different field or subjects for example there are biological research, medical research and many other kinds.

The main functions of a scientist include study and investigation. This study and investigation are carried out on the subjects they concentrate on. Biological researchers spend their time in biological laboratories by examining specimen and conducting experiments. They also outside in order to collect biological specimen. When considering Geo-scientists, they conduct experiments on rocks and sand. They may be working for a private company or may be for a government organization or in colleges. These scientists should be curious about knowing new things and should create something new. They should have good communication skills, since they have to work with many other scientists. The areas where they are working are quite hazardous. There may be toxic materials, explosive materials and even radioactive materials in the work area. They use these materials for conducting experiments.  So they should take necessary precautions.

Main duties of a scientist include 1) maintain record of the work done 2) conducting experiments and interpreting the results 3) using computers and other programs which help in their calculation 4) conducting classes for students 5) discuss the progress of the research with other departments 6) submit reports containing  details of the research to the higher authorities. These scientists should complete his bachelor’s degree in any subject. Laboratories prefer candidates with experience in computer analysis, laboratory researches and performing experiments. In every field there are opportunities for these scientists so the chances for these scientists are increasing as days pass on. They are paid properly for the work they do. The average salary of a scientist is around $80,000.