Search Engine Optimizer Job Description

All are using search engines for checking various things. We know that search engines play a vital role in clearing our doubts and can also search for images and videos. Some of the examples for search engines are Google, yahoo, etc. A search engine optimizer is a person who has deep knowledge about websites and he help in increasing availability of websites on Internet search engines. These search engine optimizers may be working for a company or may be as a consultant, and help many customers for improving their website. Search engine optimization is nothing but a process by which the optimization of a website is carried out, this optimization process will improve the visibility of a website and thus more people will be viewing the site.  The main duties of a search engine optimizer includes 1) analyzing, revising and modifying the websites 2) including original contents to the key words and useful headlines which will help more people to visit the site 3) web designs and other search engine marketing techniques are checked by these search engine optimizer 4) they will have to work with different customers and they will have to provide different methods for optimizing their websites. These search engine optimizers should have certain skills which will help in performing their job in a better manner and these skills are 1) good communication skills which enable them to talk effectively with the customer 2) should be good analytical thinker so that he can improve his ideas 3) should have strong writing skills. This job will help them to know about the processes which are taking place in internet.

The basic educational qualification required for becoming a search engine optimizer is that he / she should complete his/ her bachelor’s degree. Many companies prefer experienced candidates as search engine optimizer. The minimum experience required by these candidates is around three years. These candidates should know about CSS, HTML and other programming languages. Deep knowledge about Microsoft office is also preferred for becoming a search engine optimizer. The chances in this field are increasing daily and more candidates are joining for this job. The use of many search engines by people has increased and it is necessary to satisfy the customers or clients, for this more candidates are placed in this field. Salary scale may vary from one person to another and this is based on experience possessed by the candidates. The average salary of a search engine optimizer is around $50,000 per year.