Secretary Job Description

There are many companies around the world, which performs different functions. These companies are the control of different levels of management. This management is responsible for controlling the performance of a company. Secretary is a person who helps the members of the management to do their job in a proper manner. They direct and categorize administrative activities and thus provide support to top the management. So the presence of a secretary is a relief for the top level management. These secretaries are also known as administrative assistant. Most of the times they need to do more than one person’s work. The major duties or responsibilities of a secretary are 1) schedules and calendars are prepared and maintained 2) meetings and other conferences are arranged by these secretary 3) attending calls and messages and transferring calls to other personals are performed by the secretary 4) record the details of the company 5) check and prepare mails for the company 6) execute and preserve office systems 7) makes work procedures for the company 8) know to operate equipments like fax, printers, copiers etc.

They should posses some skills for becoming a secretary and they are good communication skills so that they can communicate effectively with the members of the management team, good arranging skills so that they can arrange meetings and other important functions, good time management, should have a positive attitude towards the other workers who are under the control of these secretaries. There working time ranges from 9am to 5 pm. Most of the time they work in an office, but under certain conditions, they need to travel if the management ask to do so.

A person who had completed his degree course in any management subject can apply for this job. The candidates should have good knowledge about the computer application and should be an expert in short hand. The opportunity in this field is increasing daily. Proper training is given to the candidates who are selected as secretaries. They are trained under experienced personals. These training may vary from 3 to 6 months. They may get promoted to higher positions as they become experienced. These promotions may be provided on the basis of the work the secretary do. These secretaries are given good salary for the work they do. In the starting stage, average salary of a secretary is around $15,000. This may increase with the increase in experience. An experienced person may get around $ 30,000 as the salary.